Our Animals: -

           Not just Owls!--Though we do have quite a few, from the beautiful Snowy Owl to the huge Eurasian Eagle Owl to some more unusual rarley seen species such as the Pearl Spotted Owlet and Philippine Scops Owl!


The Centre is home to lots of different species of bird including Vultures, Ravens, Kookaburras, Caracaras and Emus!


Our free ranging rare breed chickens and ducks are always keen to meet people along with our Rabbits and Guinea Pigs--and our family group of Meerkats & Yellow Mongoose are very popular!

Animal Encounters: -
We offer visitors an exciting experience feeding our meerkats or participating in flying displays with owls and hawks, these arrangements are by appointment only, please contact us for further details.
Flying Displays: -
During all school holidays our exciting flying displays take place at 2.30pm following by meerkat feeding at 3.00pm.
Admission to the Centre is by ticket only, please contact us for current prices. Tickets are valid all day.