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Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation

Due to the current Avian Flu restrictions we are unable to accept any sick or injured  birds.

Although we are only a small establishment we have always contributed much to conservation.
Over the years we have raised funds and supported many projects including, The World Owl Trust (Philippines Project), Zoological Society of London (Tiger SOS), Chester Zoo (Asian Songbirds), WWT (Spoonbilled Sandpiper), World Parrot Trust (Yellow Crested Cockatoo), Durrell Wildlife Trust (Operation Chough).

We currently work with and support The Katong Bird Observatory in The Gambia. Supporting their ringing and population monitoring of migrating birds from Europe and critically endangered Hooded Vultures.

Closer to home we have our own conservation project "Wild Kirkleatham" which has seen us plant trees, hedgerows and thousands of bulbs. Also the siting of over 150 nest boxes in the area for a wide variety of species from Blue Tits to Barn Owls. The local community are enthusiastically supporting the project with every house in the village hosting an Owl Centre nest box in their garden.


Due to the current Avian Flu restrictions we are unable to accept any sick or injured  birds.

From the Centre's opening in 1990 we have always cared for sick and injured wildlife. Throughout this time we have tended to the needs of thousands of wildlife casualties, from birds of prey to swans, sea birds, herons, deer, even a seal. Someone once brought in a bee....spoonful of sugary water and he was on his way!

These days we have had to streamline our work and only treat birds of prey and hedgehogs (we have a dedicated volunteer who cares for the prickly casualties). We are more than happy to offer advice regarding other sick and injured wildlife.
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