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Re-opening Saturday 1st May 2021
& open across the Bank Holiday 
This Bank Holiday Weekend 29th, 30th and 31st  May and during the half term holiday
Lots on...including flying displays at
12:00 and 2:30pm
Children's crafts all day
Meet our super cute baby vulture after each flying display


Kirkleatham Owl Centre continues its fight for survival through the winter months.


KIRKLEATHAM OWL CENTRE is home to an incredible collection of animals, we support conservation projects, carry out education visits and care for sick and injured Birds of Prey as part of our Wildlife rehabilitation work.

Like all visitor attractions we make our funds during the summer to see us through the winter--with COVID-19 restrictions this was not possible, and now the latest National Lockdown means we again must close our doors to visitors.


So once again we are putting out an appeal to help support the Centre through this tough time. Our costs are the same if we are open or closed as the animals always need their feed, and there are staff wages, vets’ bills, utilities, enclosure maintenance etc; all the different ways people can help are listed below.


Every gift really will make a difference to ensure the high standard of care we pride ourselves on, continues every day. We are keeping positive because every day we work with amazing animals and as so many species here are extremely endangered - we have spent decades working with them here at the Centre and on their conservation in the wild.


Your messages of support give us much needed hope for the future and we look forward to welcoming visitors back through the doors soon to create amazing family memories."

Donations – Thank You For Your Support

We are so incredibly grateful to everyone who donated so far and feel sad that we need to ask for your support again through the winter, as we know so many are struggling at this time.

With heartfelt thanks from all of us at the Owl Centre, Furred, Feathered, Scaled and Human



We use a wide variety of food for different species at the Centre. If you have any spare good quality fruit, seeds, fish etc. as listed below, we would be incredibly grateful for any donations!

We have a delivery box (at the entrance) where items can be safely left at any time.

Thanking you in advance.


Nuts both in and out of shell (not salted or flavoured – these are for the parrots)


Seeds– Sunflower seed and millet, parrot, budgie and canary mixes.


Fruit and Veg – Any fresh fruit and vegetables. Every day we use a lot of apples, pears, oranges, plus soft fruits according to season and price such as grapes, bananas, peppers, melon and papaya. Sprouts, cabbage, green beans and lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and cauliflowers.


Dried fruits such as sultanas, dates, figs, apricots etc. (Touracos, hornbills and parrots enjoy these).


Frozen fruit and vegetables (peas, sweetcorn, berry fruits etc.). Tell us if you leave these so we can refrigerate.


Bread – Wholemeal, seeded or brown bread, rolls etc. (not white bread products).


Meat and fish – please always notify if leaving these so we can refrigerate immediately,
fish such as mackerel, sprats, trout, white fish whole or filleted, fresh or frozen (pelicans, ibis, vultures & caracaras  eat these).


Cuts of beef without sauces or marinades (Enjoyed by most of the birds of prey).


Minced beef (our rollers and kookaburras like this).



We also have an Amazon Wish List for the birds and animals here. 


The prices can vary and so could be more expensive than other places. You can of course source items from elsewhere and send them to KIRKLEATHAM OWL CENTRE KIRKLEATHAM VILLAGE REDCAR TS10 5NW Another option is you can donate money via PayPal and add a note to say what you would like the money spent on and we can then add this in when we next place an order. Thanking you in advance for your support. 



Details of our animal adoptions can be found here      click

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Looking for an unusual present for a friend or family member?

We are offering animal adoptions:

 Meerkat, Pelican, Ground Hornbill, or three Owls to choose from.

Click here for details of a special gift


Great value, see the benefits!!




Welcome to Kirkleatham Owl Centre


Located in the historic and tranquil village of Kirkleatham in the grounds of the 1709 Kirkleatham Old Hall.


Founded in 1990 Kirkleatham Owl Centre is the UK’s oldest established Owl Centre. Over the years the collection has grown to include a wide range of creatures, ranging from Vultures and Meerkats, to Rabbits and Emus and lots more besides!


We are one of the North East’s leading Wildlife & Environmental education providers, with school visits to us here at the Centre and outreach visits covering a wide area.The Owl Centre is also the area's only specialist Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre treating hundreds of wildlife casualties each year.


We are one of only 3 Biaza (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) Members in the North East Of England, and we pride ourselves on being Kirkleatham and indeed Redcar’s most loved attraction, a role we take very seriously and we greatly value the support we receive from our visitors and the people of Redcar.


Flying displays, meet the baby owls, photo opportunities and other on site activities are held every day during the season's school holidays. Some activities may require advance booking, please telephone for further information. We are open all school holidays every day from Tuesday to Sunday and all public holidays with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.


We hope you enjoy your visit.      Scroll down or click  for opening hours and admission prices

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